What can stock data analysis be used for in a marketing campaign?

There is no place for assumptions and guesses about the future in modern business. Assessment of the effectiveness of the campaign should be based on hard data. Thanks to them, you can perform digital marketing analysis, which allows you to plan campaigns and optimally use advertising funds. The strategy thus obtained gives the company a chance to increase sales profits.

However, in-depth marketing analysis is not everything. It is also crucial to assess the effectiveness of a marketing campaign during and after its completion. This way, the company can find out whether the goals were met, the budget was adequate, and the campaign brought the expected results.

In marketing analysis, it is crucial to establish measurement indicators, remembering that any data is relative and has different importance. Such indicators may include increasing sales, but also improving website traffic. Assessment cannot be done without the right tools. These can be found in the offers of many internet marketing companies. Some of them are free, but they do not contain all the useful features.

The 100Shoppers team of experts offers its proprietary solution, the Where-To-Buy widget. It is a multifunctional tool that has monitoring and analytical potential. Additionally, it helps to improve the sales campaign while it is carried out. How is this possible? Well, on the one hand, this solution includes a well-designed widget which is an important element of the landing page. It not only allows you to visually improve the website, but also shortens the purchasing path by directing the user to the online store. On the other hand, as a measure of website traffic and consumer behavior, it allows you to collect data and then analyze it in terms of campaign effectiveness.

What does stock data analysis have to do with it? As it turns out, the Where-To-Buy widget can be linked to the availability of advertised products at retailers. These data show, among others: the number of items in stock, available colors, sizes and other options, as well as choices made by customers. The collected information allows the manufacturer to adjust production and then sales in terms of demand. Thanks to this data, it is possible to optimize sales and cut costs related to the production of products that are not popular.


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